Biden Admin is Giving a Pass to black U.S. Soldier Who Defected to North Korea

'Our focus right now is caring for him and his family." WTF?


If Juneteenth is a celebration of freedom for all Americans, what is Independence Day?

Thanks for the reminder that my federally employed melanin-enhanced postal worker won't be dropping by with the wrong person's mail today. I had totally forgotten about this made-up holiday.

The Truth About St. George Floyd of Fentanyl

"He ain't no saint"! Family given 37M in appeasement money.

Racists Hucksters NAACP President: Rittenhouse verdict 'was an injustice'. . .

MSNBC:"Emboldened by verdict does this mean white people will now terrorize communities of color?"

The Racist Swamp

  • Blacks are more Racist than Whites.

    Anonymous, Jackson, MS.

        "Disssatisfied with black racism. But we never want to talk about it, and when blacks are tyrannically racist and violent against white people, we just act like it’s no big deal. Black people today were not slaves, and no one, I repeat NO ONE, is stopping them from succeeding except themselves…but they want to take it out on white people and claim that we’re all racist. I can find thousands of white folks near my house who are not racist at all, but I have NEVER met a black person who did not harbor racial hate for white people. Get real, America. Blacks are the problem."

The Unspoken Terrorism

Leftist Misinformation